Dear You

I know sometimes you’re on the verge of a total break down, even the strongest breaks.

I know sometimes you feel like nothing is going in the right direction but always remember that God chose this path for your better tomorrow.

I know sometimes you think life is not being fair to you but honey life has never been a sumptuous bouquet of roses,don’t be it’s victim.

I know sometimes your mind is racing,your heart is aching and you just want to put an end to all the pain but you’re stronger than that tiny voice telling you to do so.

I know sometimes you’re confused and there’s chaos all around you but it’s okay not to understand the complexity of our lives.

I know sometimes you feel lost but I promise you that the darkness doesn’t last forever,light will always find its way in.

I know sometimes you hate yourself for the silliest mistakes but after all we’re human and know that no one was woven with the thread of perfection.

I know sometimes you might feel like your life has become episodes of failure but this are simple steps to the greater you.

Life is too short to worry about things do not have the power to control.It’s easier accepting the fact that it was all planned out rather than lamenting each day.Wake up,pray and be grateful because we’ve got to live even when the skies have fallen.It’ll will be okay.


Your Legacy Lives

Writing simply means letting total strangers into your thoughts. Hold on tight as we sail through this part of the ocean

Amidst the peaceful silence that accompanies the dark nights,you cloud my thoughts.
Every step i take leaves me questioning if you could be proud of it.
In the streets,i see your face in every old male.
A single look at my baby brother’s ears and am left smiling because i believe i get a glimpse of a tiny you.
Some nights i force myself to sleep with a lot of “what ifs”….What if we never parted as a child?what if i learnt the first verses of the Holy book from your lips?what if I sat every evening in front of you listening to the tales of your childhood?what if i got beating from you as a daughter,just once?maybe i’d be able to laugh at myself dwelling in that memory. What if i knew your fears,dreams and fantasies as you grew up?what if i had an idea of what the scars on your body symbolised?what if i had more time with you?what if you stayed long enough to name my kids as i always told ma you would?what if you didn’t have to shut your eyes for the last time?what if it was all a nightmare?
What if….
To you I’ll always be grateful,for being the source of a blessed family. One that is sometimes on the verge of reaping itself apart at the same time can fight the whole universe for its loved one.
I pray for your peace each day,you’ll forever dwell in our hearts papa. Your principles will be upheld from generations to generations.
Your Legacy lives.

Let Go,Let Heal.

When the unwavering tide of emotional pain sweeps her soul of its feet, she has no choice to succumb to the feeling for pain demands to be felt. It clouds her vision making her believe that she’s not worth a thing. Introversy has her under its claws as she pushes away every alleged concerned person with the presumption that they’re definitely mocking her by claiming that they understand the battles she fights with her demons. How can one with no soul know the emptiness of the one searching for soul-serenity?
She throws herself into an abyss of self torment with her bitter thoughts as her sole most appreciated company. Without the realization that the self-destructing self therapy she’s on slowly drains away every ounce of happiness as the self blame game creeps in. Was i not enough for him?wasn’t I the definition of his forever?Maybe I shouldn’t have left the house or was my luscious dress so vulptuour?God why me?why my parent? Indeed,the worst place for one to be is in their heads
Easy there my love,recovering from depression is as hard as forgetting the pain of losing a loved one. But believe me healing starts with you. You are like a vessel and the more you’re filled with toxicity,the more you corrode. The only reason you’re still haunting yourself is because you’re stubbornly holding on onto that tiny mess. Stuck in your bubble of self torment as the spiral of negative thoughts keep hummimg,buzzing,soaring,roaring and feeling that you’d sink deep into mud.
Let go my love. Walk away with your head held high and rock those heels of hope. Even if it is as tiny as a glimmer in the galaxy,trust me it will soon take over the whole of it. That tiny seed of hope will bloom into a garden of lovely roses. The standard cliche goes like: there is no calm breeze without a storm,embrace the storm and learn how to surf through the waves. Remember all the little things worth living for: you are your mom’s meaning of happiness ,the heart-melting giggle from your baby,that warm hug from your close friend and how can i forget the heart-throbbing aroma of that hot cup of coffee you always look forward to. Let’s paint our scars gold and embrace the cracks in our souls for its is through this cracks that light penetrates.

My Flashlight.

As i converse with the demons that accompany insomnia,i can’t help but question what i did to deserve her. Which lucky shooting star granted my wish?

She’s the right to my wrong,the one who brings out the fool in me and the next minute has me reosoning like effing Einstein. There are nights when we’ve laughed so hard you’d think we have our whole life figured out and others times fought tears side by side. She’s been my pillar, my musketeer.

She’s picked all my broken pieces moulding each into a beautiful craft. Her prayers are the fabric that always knits my torn soul,in a world painted in darkness she’s been the bright colours lighting my path. My heaven sent guide. To the boy that will some day cage her precious heart,you might be the love of her life but honey we’re soul mates,ours is beyond mental intimacy. The Alice to my Wonderland.

I just have one simple prayer,Dear God,Can we hold each others hand in the hereafter?